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- COAL Craft Spirits Story -

The property that now stands as coal craft spirits was once vacant farm land that was developed into a thermal coal mine to bring power to the state of Indiana. Over the years the property employed 100’s of men and women but faced struggles, not because of a lack of effort, but because the worlds energy market was changing which meant that thermal coal was being phased out as a way to power our communities.

The team at the Gold Star Mine wanted to see a future for the property that could result in exceptionalism while honoring the legacy of the property. In following their passion for the environment they wanted to restore the impacted land and bring environmentally sustainable employment to the region. Better the land to be a place where the community could enjoy the beautiful surroundings while pursuing their true passion - building a premium craft spirit brand in the community.

The efforts have resulted in a multi-million dollar restoration process designed for the community and environment.

The team knew that hard work, tenacity and pursuit of perfectionism would be needed to achieve their long term passion of the perfect craft spirit. The team was passionate to build a premier brand that honored the legacy of the property yet understood the world had to change for the better. Through the restoration process the team upcycled the land to produce a mash bill for our small batch craft spirits in a farm to bottle experience that minimized environmental impact through an organic farming process.

The COAL craft spirit team believes in the pursuit of the perfect glass.
"COAL craft spirits stands for exceptionalism and tenacity. As we have adapted to change with times at the property there is one thing we have not changed, always putting for the maximum effort to produce the highest quality of product for our customers."
mark jensen
team leader

Our Process

To create the highest quality of products we believe we must follow meticulous processes to produce a consist and premium product each and every time.

We are utilizing old world philosophies combined with modern technologies to efficiently and consistently meet our objectives with each and every bottle that we produce.

Our name stands behind every bottle.

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